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Aveilthé's Journal

Focus on the journey, not the destination.


Hello, nice to meet you! I have a real name but you can call me Ave. I'm 27 years old and madly in love with the handsome man on the left of the above picture, and I became his wife on July 4th, 2014. I'm still a huge kid at heart, and so I can continue acting like one, I decided that I want to work with kids. I haven't quit college; I plan on going back when my finances permit me to. It won't be long now! I'm also an aspiring artist currently obsessed with pixels, and all genres of art. Music and art feed my soul. My interests are an eclectic mix, and I love just about everything. I'm nerdy, geeky, girly; and I love animals especially wolves, mythical and fantasy things, books, coffee, caring for flowers and plants, growing my awesome baby avocado tree, running away with my imagination, dreaming, staying positive, gaming, being silly, fashion and jewelry, and the color blue (that one is important. You have no idea how much I love blue.) I enjoy going to comic conventions and Renaissance faires, and it is especially a plus because I get to do it with my wonderful family. The most important things to me is my husband, family, and friends. The special little things I love in my life are waking up early mornings, enjoying God's beautiful creation; curling up with a book to read on a crisp, cold Autumn morning; coffee and a good book, the outdoors, and long walks.

My journal is basically a jumble of thoughts and feelings, and are abundant in my personal interests. I love meeting new people and friends! Everyone has an interesting journey, and it's nice to read about different peoples' lives.